Posted in: Living Posted on: Apr 27th, 2015

The Benefits of Short-Term Rentals in Raleigh

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If you’re traveling or temporarily relocating for work, school, or other reasons, it can be beneficial to find short-term housing. This guide to short-term rentals in Raleigh, NC, will help you make a more informed decision:

Why Short-Term Housing?

Short-term housing isn’t just for businesspeople. You might look into short-term housing if you’re a student, if you’re visiting for an extended amount of time, or if you’re renovating your current home. When you’re looking for housing, you have several options. You could stay in a hotel or an extended-stay suite, for example. Both are convenient, offering daily housekeeping and room service, but it’s hard to feel settled when you’re living out of a suitcase. In addition, hotel room rates fluctuate depending on occupancy and the day of the week, and you’ll probably be dining out for most of your meals. These expenses quickly add up.

Staying in a short-term rental, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to choose the length of your stay. There’s no need to commit to a year-long lease because you won’t be staying there for more than a few months. Short-term housing is also more cost-effective than a hotel in the long run. Since you’ll have access to a full kitchen, you can cook your meals instead of relying on room service and restaurants, and you’ll pay a flat rate instead of paying day by day. Your rental will be an actual apartment, not a bland hotel room, with plenty of room and the ability to make it your own, allowing you to quickly adjust.

Know Your Neighborhood

When you’re new to a neighborhood, you have to do a little digging to find out where certain businesses are located. If you’re here on business, you probably brought business attire, so it’s useful to know that Avent Ferry Cleaners will help to keep your clothes looking sharp. Likewise, if you need to mail something back home, it’s good to know there’s a USPS five minutes away.

Get To Know Raleigh

Even though your stay in Raleigh isn’t very long, you should still feel comfortable. By living in short-term housing in Raleigh, you’ll get to enjoy the comforts of home without paying an arm and a leg.