Posted in: Kids Posted on: Aug 24th, 2015

Living in the Wake County School District

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When you have school-aged children, one of the things you need to think about when looking for an apartment is the school district the apartment is located in. If you’re looking in the Northwest Raleigh area, odds are you’ll be looking at apartments in the Wake County Public School System, which is the largest district in the state and among the largest districts in the entire country. Once you know the district, you can start to whittle things down and look for places near a particular school you’re interested in. If you live at The Falls, your children will have an elementary, middle, and high school assigned as their base school. Since the district has a number of magnet schools, your child might be eligible to transfer to one of those if he or she meets certain requirements.

Stough Elementary

Kids in Grades K – 5 who live at The Falls are assigned to Stough Elementary school. Stough has a student body of slightly less than 550. Its school day starts at 9:15am and goes until 3:45 pm. Along with being the base school for many students in the area, Stough also offers a Mandarin Chinese Language immersion program for interested students. Since fall 2014, every rising kindergartner at the school has the opportunity to enroll in the program, which features instruction in both Chinese and English. The thinking behind an immersion program is that it allows children not only to learn to speak a second language, but also how to think in that language, increasing their fluency.

Daniels Middle School

Students in Grades 6 – 8 can attend Daniels Middle School, which also happens to be a magnet school. So far, the school offers a global studies program. The goal is for it to begin offering immersion in Spanish and Mandarin in 2019. Along with a specialized curriculum, the middle school, which has a student body of slightly more than 1,100, offers a number of extracurricular activities.

Students interested in drama and theater can join the Musical Theater Club, which meets after school and puts on a full musical production at the end of the year. Kids who enjoy reading can participate in a Battle of the Books, a quiz-show style competition that involves reading books from a special list, then answering questions about them. Other clubs at the school include student council, fitness club, and service club.

Leesville Road High School

Students in Grades 9 -12 go to Leesville Road High School, one of the 27 high schools in the district. The school was named one of the top high schools in the U.S. by the Daily Beast. Along with basic college prep courses, Leesville Road High has several advanced placement classes, including AP English, AP Biology, and AP Latin. Students can get involved with their school outside of class by participating in one of the nearly 50 clubs, joining the chorus or band, or by joining one of the school’s many sports teams.

Magnet School

If your child has a particular or interest, odds are there is a magnet school in the district that is right for him or her. Magnet schools focus on a variety of subjects or teaching styles, from engineering to language immersion and from Montessori to gifted programs. Admission to magnet schools that aren’t a child’s base school are filled through special application.