Posted in: Arts Posted on: Sep 23rd, 2015

Experience Arts and Culture in Northwest Raleigh

Photo Credit: Public Domain

New research is showing us that creativity can have a very positive effect on our moods and emotions. In fact, people that regularly take time to be creative tend to be, well, happier! And if you are trying to find a little bit of inspiration, it is helpful to take a look at local examples of art and culture. Fortunately for those living in Raleigh, NC, there are many great places in town that showcase local culture and art. That is because art and creativity are each important parts of Northwest Raleigh culture. Let’s take a look at the best cultural and artistic sites in town so that you can decide which ones will best inspire you.


The importance of Northwest Raleigh, NC culture is not just talk. Tax credits have been utilized in 90 percent of counties in North Carolina to preserve historic sites in order to create jobs and strengthen local economies. This has resulted in an impressive list of places for cultural enthusiasts to check out. For example, the historic Oakwood Cemetery hosts tours and special events that celebrate the history of Raleigh and the stories of the people that have been laid to rest there. The 102 acres of serene landscape serve as the final resting place of several of Raleigh’s finest citizens, including William Horn Battle and Addie Daniels. You may also visit the Government and Heritage Library, which provides excellent resources on the state’s history and culture, local genealogy, and the government.


It is easy to find things to do in Northwest Raleigh that will help you explore your interest in music. It does not even matter what type of music you enjoy most, as there is something for everybody. The Piedmont Council of Traditional Music is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating facets of local traditional music. They host concerts, festivals, jam sessions, and youth music programs. Music fans should also visit the North Carolina Opera. Since 2010, the Opera has been dedicated to providing the best in opera music to residents of the Triangle. In its short history, the NCO has presented programs featuring Wagner, Dvorak, Mozart, and Handel.


The art of theater is another form of expression that has been found to be an essential piece of Northwest Raleigh living. Theater productions offer a unique view into what life must be like for people in different places and eras. Plus, the productions are live, so the actors can modify the acts and interact with the audience. This means that there is a completely different show every night! Try the Burning Coal Theatre Company for live professional productions with a deeply experiential effect. You can also visit North Carolina Theatre for the best from Broadway. You can catch many of your favorite shows here, including Into the Woods, Mary Poppins, and Grease.

After spending some time in town, it is easy to see how important the arts and culture scene is to Raleigh residents. Visit these landmarks to see which ones you draw inspiration from, and which ones you will be happy to visit again and again.