Posted in: Living Posted on: Dec 3rd, 2015

4 Different Ways to Experience Nature in Northwest Raleigh

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Northwest Raleigh is a lively city filled with shopping centers and residential areas nestled in a natural setting. Lucky for nature lovers, it is also chock full of green spaces and parks. In fact, when city planners developed this part of Raleigh, they wanted to maintain as much of the landscape as possible while also developing the sprawling city. Residents of Northwest Raleigh are privy to all of the amenities of a big city while also being able to enjoy the trees and parks that are scattered throughout the area. Here are some of the best parks in Northwest Raleigh that you need to check out.

Light Hiking: Umstead Park, Pott’s Branch Trail

If you would like an easy trail surrounded by beautiful forestry, you’ll want to visit Umstead Park’s Potts Branch Trail. You’ll find most of the trek is extremely easy, so even small children can enjoy walking along the trail. There is also a picnic table, a wooden deck, and a grill along the way if you would like to stop and picnic. Although you will not be able to see Big Lake, as Umstead is on the opposite side of the road from the waterway, you’ll still be able to enjoy the small streams along the trail. Be aware that you might have a difficult time finding the trailhead from the parking lot, so keep a sharp eye.

Children’s Park: Leesville Community Park

Leesville Community Park has two playgrounds next to each other. One is for children between the ages of 2 and 5 and the other is for those between 5 and 12. The playground designed for younger children is covered with a shade tarp and has small platforms that they can climb and play on. The playground for bigger kids has rope climbing structures, a spinning structure, and a slide. There is also a nice open space for those who would like to fly a kite.

Lake View: Lake Lynn Park

Lake Lynn Park provides a beautiful setting to exercise at with its walking trail along the beautiful lake. There is also a playground area if you would like to bring your little ones. This is the perfect park to host a birthday party or a simple picnic, as there is a large pavilion that contains about a dozen or so picnic tables. There are also bocce ball courts, baseball fields, tennis courts, and batting cages.

Diverse Park: Strickland Road Park

Strickland Road Park has an excellent play structure that has a diverse range of playground equipment making it great for children of all ages. Additionally, there is a comfortable sitting area for parents or those who just want to enjoy some fresh air. Arguably the best part of this park is that they’ve left much of its surrounding woods intact so that you can enjoy the surrounding forest.

With so many ways to enjoy nature, it’s easy to see why living in Northwest Raleigh is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts.