Posted in: University Posted on: Mar 9th, 2016

4 NC State Study Spots to Help You Ace Your Next Exam!

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Students can often get distracted by all of the exciting activities on and around the college campus. Parties, group meetings, clubs, and noisy roommates make studying seem impossible, and finding a quiet place to cram for midterms and final exams is often hard to do if you do not have a spot picked out ahead of time. Fortunately, we’ve gone ahead and done some of the research for you. Listed below are some of the best study spots near North Carolina State University.

Global Village Organic Coffee House

Global Village Organic Coffee is situated across from the college on Hillsborough Street. They are open from seven in the morning to seven at night on weekdays. This quaint caffeine stop has public wireless access, allowing you to conduct research online without eating into your own data plan. Many students can be found collaborating, studying, or running workshops here throughout the week.

University Tutorial Center

If you think that you could use some help with classwork, then the University Tutorial Center may be the right place for you. Their location is nestled on campus at 101 Parks Drive next to Port City Java. The Center specializes in chemistry, math, and physics help for students taking 100 and 200 level courses, but they also help with writing and speech services.

Gardner Arboretum

The Gardner Arboretum, located in the Northern section of campus off of Hillsborough Street, is a stunning spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cafes and study halls. The Arboretum has beautiful pathways and benches nestled under large shade trees, all of which make for perfect spots to study. The arboretum was named after Monroe Evans Gardner, a horticulturist who served the school in the early 1900's.

NCSU Library

The North Carolina State University Library is an excellent space to gather with other students for some fun productive sessions. In addition to studying in the library itself, you can rent out your own private rooms for quieter study sessions. The library also has a number of resources that you can use to further your research in any number of fields.

There’s no doubt that North Carolina State University off-campus living comes with a great deal of distractions. But with the study spots identified above, you should have no problem getting away from the noise and focusing on your academics.