Posted in: Kids Posted on: Jul 29th, 2016

Feel Good Leaving Your Kids With These Capable Daycare Providers

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One of the most important things to consider when moving to a new city is where your kids will be cared for. For young families, it’s important that your new home has appropriate after-school and daycare programs in the area. Trusting your children with new people can seem scary at first, but when you do your research and find a well-regard daycare provider, you’ll be able to rest easy. Whether you’re looking to entertain your kids during their summer vacation or need someone to take care of them until you get home from work, these top childcare programs will make daily life easier while renting in Northwest Raleigh.

Daily Daycare

One of the most popular childcare options is full-time daycare. If you’re a working parent and your child is still too young for school, daycare is probably your best option. Daily daycare isn’t just glorified babysitting, it also offers a lot of benefits when it comes to your kids’ development. One of the highest rated daycare options in Northwest Raleigh is Giggles Drop-In Child Care. Giggles has a lot of flexible options for parents, which makes it a popular choice for young families. Traditional daily daycare services are available on a weekly or ongoing basis. Patrons can also drop their kids off for an hour at a time, too, which comes in handy for emergencies or last-minute plans. If you have more than one child attending Giggles, you’ll receive a discounted rate. The daycare has a live camera that securely streams online so parents can check on their kids throughout the day. Children between the ages of 1 year and 12 years old are welcome at Giggles, so if you have an infant, this might not be the place for you.

Before and After School

Sometimes what a working parent needs most is someone to help out before and after the regular school day. If after-school programs in Northwest Raleigh are what you’re looking for, consider placing your kids at Primary Beginnings Child Development Centers. The before- and after-school programs are available for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade and include activities and a snack. You won’t have to worry about what your kids are doing in this extra time—outdoor exercise on the playground is encouraged, and so are nutritional after-school snacks.

Summertime Care

What’s better than having your kids get truly excited about academics? Maybe having your kids excited about academics in the summertime. If your kids enjoy science, sign them up for BiomedTrack Camp for Young Scientists. Just a 20-minute drive from Northwest Raleigh, BiomedTrack Camp is for elementary and middle school kids who are interested in STEM and related fields. BiomedTrack has a unique feature—kids can attend the camp year-round in addition to traditional summer day camp hours.

It’s easy to see that there is no shortage of childcare options for those renting in Northwest Raleigh. So evaluate all of the different options and levels of care, and find a program that works best for your family.